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web content | Rebecca Winward

web content

With plenty of experience of writing for the web – while meeting both SEO and customer-focused communications objectives – I offer quality website content for consumer-aimed and business-to-business websites. From whole sites to short blog posts, more in-depth technical articles and downloadable resources, I can provide well-crafted, original copy that offers excellent reader value, is in line with your marketing strategy, has a synergy with your social media activity, and is keyword-optimised to promote organic search success.

If you’re looking for an expert copywriter to collaborate with on a new site launch, I’m an ideal complement to your team, since I have solid experience of managing such projects myself – and I play nicely with marketing managers, designers, developers and business stakeholders. Please drop me a line to discuss your website further, and find out how I can augment your project team.

Once a site is live, I can also help you to optimise its effectiveness as a marketing tool. The best strategy is to update your web content on a regular basis – not just to maximise customer engagement and maintain a reputation as a company that actively seeks to satisfy its customers’ need for information, but also to help ensure a good natural search engine ranking. With this in mind, I also offer a retainer-based service, which operates on three levels:

web content lite

Ideal for those looking to outsource copy generation for regular updates to their site – with minimal time commitment from the client representative, and on a restricted budget – this basic service offers original and well-crafted audience-specific blog posts, supplied on a regular basis. Each post includes meta data and alt tags for SEO purposes, affordable stock image suggestions, and also update sentences to promote the new content on your social media accounts.

web content

If you already have a marketing function and an existing strategy in place, I can dovetail easily with your existing team to provide specialist copywriting support which is fully in line with your communications plan. Choose short- or long-form copy – on topics which fit with your strategic objectives – to be supplied regularly, and written to include requested keywords. Every (unique) post submitted comes with the alt tags and meta data essential for SEO purposes, a selection of affordable stock image suggestions, and social media copy – such as updates for LinkedIn, tweets for your Twitter account, or posts for your Facebook page – so that you can promote your new web content on a variety of channels.

web content plus

Perhaps you don’t currently have a content strategy, or possibly even a dedicated marketing function within your business, but wish to benefit from a more considered approach to your web content as part of your digital marketing activity. You can outsource your web updates to me in their entirety. I will devise a tailored content strategy in keeping with your business goals, perform appropriate keyword research, and craft regular blog posts (or articles, either short- or long-form, as appropriate) to support those objectives. Every post is unique, and comes with the meta data and alt tags that are best practice for SEO, while social media update sentences for LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are also included. Additionally, not only is the stock image research included, but the image file for each post too – and following approval, I will upload the image and copy to your site using your content management system. Each of these three levels of service is customisable to suit your budget, marketing objectives, and update frequency.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements further. Additionally, I offer a digital newsletter service to help drive traffic to your recently updated content, further boosting your site’s rankings – please click here to find out more.